The Brief:

Our client, a Builders and Property Management Company, contacted us to clear and clean a two-bedroom property in Southampton.

The previous tenants had been evicted and the property had been left vacant and unsecured. Squatters had then gained entry and caused significant damage.

Squatter removal bedroom mess  Vacant property squatter clean up

Squatter clearance outside

The Solution:

To start with we conducted a careful needle sweep of the property, as there was evidence of needle use and drug paraphernalia at the address. Specialist cleaning products were used to dispose of human waste that had been left at the property. We removed a large amount of general waste from the house and garden, including a number of large household items and appliances.

Once the property was completely cleared of unwanted items and waste we carried out a deep clean. Overgrown vegetation in the garden was cut back and all garden waste was removed.

Squatter clearance - bedroom after Squatter clearance - lounge after

Squatter clearance - outside after

The Outcome:

To help prevent further intrusion, once the clearance and deep clean was completed, the property was secured at ground level. This involved fitting two heavy-duty steel security doors to the property’s main entry points. We also secured one window with steel sheet.

The internal and external clearance and cleaning took six days in total and may have been avoided if security measures had been installed as soon as the property had become vacant. The steel doors and steel sheet were fitted within a matter of a few hours providing a robust defence against unwanted access.

The customer was happy with how quickly and efficiently we completed the works in order to make the property habitable again. He was also reassured that the property was fully secured while it remained unoccupied.


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