Safe Site Security Solutions are fully licensed waste disposal company able to offer a full site clearance service across the UK. Our waste management services cover the removal of rubbish from residential, commercial and industrial premises and the safe transportation of and disposal of waste.

Unlike other waste management companies we can provide a complete site clearance and sanitisation service combined with a full site security solution to ensure that your property or land remains safe, clear and crime free. We will remove all waste materials whether household rubbish, builders waste or commercial waste, and ensure that all refuse is disposed of safely and in accordance with UK law.

The skilled teams at Safe Site Security Solutions offer a complete site clearance service that negates the need for individual skip, property management and cleansing service hire. We provide void property clearance, and can safely empty premises of debris left by squatters and dispose of trade waste and other household rubbish left by fly tippers.

Following a complete site clearance and the safe disposal of waste, Safe Site Security Solutions can supply a range of temporary barrier systems such as concrete barriers and fencing with anti climb devices to prevent further unauthorised vehicular access to your site reducing the risk of further fly tipping. Security screens can be easily fitted to the doors and windows of a vacant property to prohibit unlawful access by squatters and vandals.

It is a known fact that vacant properties will attract a build up of rubbish over time. Safe Site Security Solutions offer a cheap rubbish removal service to ensure your empty premises remain clear and safe. Effective waste management and the safe disposal of waste are a key component in ensuring vacant properties remain safe and secure.

If you need a waste management company to offer a high class site clearance service, call Safe Site Security Solutions now on 0845 463 5421.