Garden rubbish removal is a key tool in protecting your unoccupied premises. Any vacant site is prone to being taken over by nature, in just a few months hedges, bushes, tress and other vegetation can become out of control. An overgrown site provides a clear indication that it is vacant and uncared for, attracting unwanted attention from vandals and squatters. An overgrown site provides a safe, undisturbed habitat and warm breeding ground for rats and other vermin and is often a prime target for fly tippers whose rubbish quickly becomes concealed in the undergrowth. Safe Site Security Solutions can provide a regular garden waste clearance and green waste disposal service; a simple and effective way to reduce some of the risks posed to any vacant premises.

When an empty site is left to become overgrown, it often falls victim to Japanese Knotweed or Fallopia Japonica, one of the most invasive plants in the UK. Spread both by animal and airborne transmission, or human intervention such as fly tipping, Japanese Knotweed can grow as much as 3 inches per day. Safe Site Security Solutions are Japanese knotweed removal specialists, trained in both removing Japanese knotweed and Japanese knotweed treatment. The plant is so invasive that it is a criminal offence to knowingly plant or cause Japanese Knotweed to grow in the UK; and it cannot simply be disposed of along with other garden waste. We are licensed Japanese knotweed contractors, providing competitive costs for the removal and safe disposal of Japanese Knotweed.

When clearing an overgrown garden seems a particularly daunting task, Safe Site Security Solutions are here to help. Our garden waste removal service will have your grounds cleared in no time at all. For garden waste disposal and Japanese knotweed removal costs, call Safe Site Security Solutions today

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