Japanese knotweed is a highly invasive non-native species capable of damaging all kinds of concrete, tarmac and causing a number of additional structural problems for your development or pre-existing property.

Broadly speaking non-native invasive species, including Japanese knotweed, are plants that have been physically brought into the country and have the ability to rapidly spread causing damage to property, health and even the economy. The UK government has classed the spread of these species as the second largest threat to biodiversity across the country and indeed the world.

Because the plant spreads through the root system and cut stems it’s important that every trace of the plant be completely eradicated to avoid further growth the following year. A full guide to the identification and management of Japanese knotweed on development sites can be found here, written by the Environment Agency.

Removing Japanese knotweed from your premises can be achieved through a number of methods including powerful herbicides, digging plants out and soil treatments. Whichever method is used to remove the plants correct disposal is of paramount importance as even a tiny slice of the root system is enough to grow a new plant. With a growth rate anywhere up to 20 centimetres in a single day it wouldn’t take long for the plant to spread again, causing more disruption and costing more money.

Safe Site Security Solutions operate throughout Manchester in areas such as Ardwick, Benchill, Blackley, Cheetham Hill, Collyhurst, Fallowfield, Hulme, Longsight, Merseybank, Newall Green, Openshaw, Sharston and Whalley Range. With a highly experienced team we’re proud to be able to offer you an insurance backed guarantee for the removal of Japanese knotweed from your site or premises.

With tailored solutions to meet all circumstance we’re sure to be able to help you resolve your Japanese knotweed issues. If you think you may have a Japanese knotweed problem please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0845 346 0305 or request a callback from this page. At Safe Site Security Solutions we pride ourselves on our rapid response times and are available to assist you with the removal of this destructive plant life right away.

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