As the capital of England and the largest urban area in the UK, with a population of over 8 million people, it’s not surprising that demand for waste removal services in London is so high. If you own a vacant property in the capital city, no matter which of the 32 boroughs it is in, Safe Site Security Solutions can carry out quick and efficient rubbish removal at a competitive price.

Pile of waste in London Town

One of the most important elements of deterring intruders from your property is to keep on top of garden waste clearance. In as little time as a few months, an empty property can become overgrown with weeds. It’s important to regularly remove garden waste from your property to stop it becoming an advert to intruders, particularly if your vacant building is in an area of London where there are already a lot of empty properties. Safe Site Security Solutions can remove such garden waste in no time at all.

If your property has become a place of shelter for vagrants, as unfortunately might be the case in a city where squatting is so prominent, Safe Site Security Solutions can remove the unpleasant and potentially dangerous human waste that such squatters might have left behind. We also work with authorities and bailiffs in order to help you remove unlawful tenants, if necessary.

Not only is London home to expansive residential areas, it is also the hub of many of the UK’s industries. Whether you need safe removal and disposal of tyres or cars from your business property, or even the disposal of hazardous waste, as licensed waste carriers Safe Site Security Solutions can help with all of your waste disposal needs.

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