The city of Manchester is famous for two things: football, and the largest single-site university in the UK. Students attending the University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University combine to make one of the largest student populations in the whole of the UK. If you own a property in one of Manchester’s student areas, for example Fallowfield or Withington, Safe Site Security Solutions can efficiently dispose of any furniture or other unwanted waste left behind by departing students, either actually in your property or dumped illegally on your land.

University of Manchester new building

We also carry out various other rubbish removal services across Manchester. If you have a vacant property, student or not, and are worried about potential intruders, the first step is making sure your property doesn’t look like it is empty. Japanese Knotweed and other weeds can become overgrown in and around empty buildings within a matter of months, making it obvious that your property is empty. Safe Site Security Solutions can clear and dispose of this garden waste, as well as any human waste that has been left by people who may have been squatting in your property.

Manchester is also the North East’s industrial hub. With industry comes commercial waste and potential hazards. Whether you need abandoned vehicles, tyres, or even hazardous chemical waste clearing safely from your business property, Safe Site Security Solutions can help. Whatever your waste removal needs, as licensed waste carriers, we have the experience and expertise to help you clear and protect your property.

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