As the UK’s biggest city and the capital of England, it is understandable that security concerns are higher in London than they might be elsewhere. At Safe Site Security Solutions, we know how important it is to be safe in the knowledge that your property is secure – whether that’s your business property or your home.

security door in London

In London, several boroughs have an ‘above average’ rate of residential burglaries, including Barking and Dagenham, Ealing and Lewisham, while Redbridge has a ‘high’ rate of residential burglaries. Meanwhile, ‘other burglaries’ are ‘high’ in Westminster, and ‘above average’ in Camden and Tower Hamlets.*

Naturally, the prominence of burglaries is a cause of concern for many in the capital. Security doors from Safe Site Security Solutions are designed and built to the highest specification. Our metal security doors have a number of features, including a 12 point locking mechanism and anti-lever hinge bolts, making us confident that their strength and sturdiness cannot be breached. Furthermore, having an external security door on your property does not mean it has to look like an industrial barrier. The doors can be finished in a variety of colours and can be fitted with letter boxes, door knobs and other items of door furniture to help them blend in with the rest of your property, without having to compromise how secure the door is.

*December 2012 figures from

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