If you have just one security measure in place for you vacant property in Cambridge then steel security screens are the single most effective way to secure your premises against the threat of squatters, vandals and even arson. The unique properties of steel security screens make them a cost effective solution where long term protection is needed. Metal screens will stand up to rain, wind and physical stresses much better than their timber counter parts and should be considered for any project where a property is likely to remain vacant for several months.

Safe Site Security Solutions provide an expert installation service within Cambridge and the surrounding areas, including Wellington-Harrington, Cambridgeport, Riverside, Agassiz, Cambridge Highlands and Strawberry Hill. When you need you property to be protected fast we also offer a rapid installation service to ensure your property is fully protected as quickly as possible.

There are a number of steel screens to choose from depending on your requirements and all will be cut to size onsite to ensure an accurate fit; leaving no gaps for crowbars etc. Some of the most popular screens include:

  • Solid Steel Screens: These are great when you want to ensure maximum security; letting not light into the building also makes your premises a less appealing target for squatters.
  • Perforated and Sitex Steel Screens:  Both of these screens have holes to allow light to enter the building, which would be necessary if you wanted to carry out building works for example.

If you’d like assistance choosing the right security screens for your premises or would like to request a free no obligation quote we can be reached on 0845 346 0305. Alternatively feel free to request a callback using the form on this page.

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