For longer term security needs steel screens are certainly a good alternative to timber boarding and while a higher initial outlay may be involved it’s unlikely these screens will need replacing for a good number of years.

In Ipswich Safe Site Security Solutions offer a wide range of steel security screens for all type of private and business property. Solid steel screens for example are great for eliminating any internal light for the property and thus make a very unwelcoming sight for would be squatters. Perforated or Sitex security screens on the other hand allow light to enter the premises and are a good choice if the property needs to be viewed either for sale or repair work to be carried out.

Within Ipswich the following major areas are covered however this is not an exhaustive list and it’s likely that Safe Site Security Solutions will be able to provide steel security screens in your area: Ipswich Docks, Holywells, Chantry, Bixley Farm, Castle Hill, The Dales, Gainsborough, Maidenhall, Pinewoord, Ravenswood, Rushmere, Westbourne and Whitton.

Obviously a main benefit of steel over timber is the added strength and durability provided; where timber will get wet and weaken over time with exposure to the elements steel screens will stay strong and continue to prevent any unlawful entry to the property. If there’s a perceived danger of arson steel security screens would also be a must.

Steel security screens are an ideal way to secure your vacant property and can be fitted within a few hours of arriving onsite. For more details and to discuss the specifics of your security challenge please pick up the phone and give us a ring on 0845 346 0305. We can also call you; simply fill out the callback form and we’ll get in touch as soon as we can.

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