If you’re in need of a way to secure your property in Middlesbrough it’s hard to do better than galvanized steel security screens. Provided by Safe Site Security Solutions and with a service that can see the average size property fitted in less than a day steel screens are extremely durable and will be able to protect your vacant building from squatters, thieves, vandals and arson attacks.

With more than 25 years industry between us the team here at Safe Site Security Solutions offer a core selection of the highest quality screens, which can be fitted to commercial, residential and public properties. All areas of Middlesbrough are covered, such as Beckfield, Berwick Hills, Clairville, Gresham, Hemlington, Ladgate, Linthorpe, Marton West, Nunthorpe, Pallister, Saltersgill, Netherfield, Tollesby and West Lane.

As an alternative to timber boarding these screens certainly have a number of advantages, particularly for those in need of a long term solution. Take a look at some of the feature of our steel security screens below:

  • Solid steel screens: Like timber boarding only made of hard wearing galvanized steel with the ability to withstand arson attacks and forced entry attempts. These screens not only provide a clear visual deterrent but also completely exclude light from the premises; making it less appealing for squatters.
  • Perforated steel screens: Fixed to the outside of a property these screens are primarily used for windows and fitter with anti-tamper screws. The main benefit of such screens over a solid steel sheet is the ability to let light enter the building, which can be beneficial when internal access is required from time to time.
  • Sitex steel screens: All the benefits of perforated screens but fitted internally rather than externally to limit damage to the building. These screens are also resistant to arson attacks.

At Safe Site Security Solutions we’re proud to be able to offer a completely tailor service to meet your security needs in and around Middlesbrough. This means all of our screens are available for hire or purchase are can be fitted by our rapid response team in just a few hours. For more information and to request your complimentary no-obligation quote please give us a ring on 0845 346 0305.

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