Timber security screens are a great first line of defence for your Bradford based property. In addition to being affordable these screens can be installed in just a few hours by an expertly trained team from Safe Site Security Solutions. We cover all areas of Bradford and surrounding regions, including Bolton and Undercliffe, Craven, Great Horton, Idle and Thackley, Manningham, Royds, Wharfedale, Wibsey, Wyke and more.

When it comes to protecting your property from unwanted intruders timber boarding is hard to beat from a cost perspective although we’d recommend you don’t use it in instances where you require property protection over several months or when the premises contains valuable items. For longer term perimeter security we’d suggest you consider steel security screens which have the added bonus of protecting your building against arson.

However for short term protection against squatters, vandals and thieves timber boarding can be effective and comes in a range of thicknesses allowing you to choose how robust and difficult to enter your premises will be. The boards themselves are cut to fit onsite and special anti-tamper screws are put in place to ensure someone can’t simply come along with a screwdriver and access your premises. Cutting the timber onsite ensures a secure and accurate fit; leaving no gaps for those armed with a crowbar for example.

If you’d like more information about our timber or steel security screens for a premises, commercial or residential, in the Bradford areas please do feel free to get in touch with Safe Site Security Solutions on 0845 346 0305. We’re more than happy to provide you with a no-obligation quote free of charge to help you find the best security solution for your property.

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