Within Ipswich Safe Site Security Solutions are happy to offer a complete boarding up service, which includes rapid installation at your residential or commercial premises. As a first line of defence timber boarding up is hard to beat when it comes to cost effective security solutions. Safe Site Security Solutions have long operated in and around Ipswich, servicing the areas of Akenham, Belstead, Ravenswood, Kesgrave, Claydon, Hadleigh, Copdock, Chelmondiston, Levington and more.

With years of experience and a team of trained security professionals on hand we’re able to install timber security screens in a matter of hours; providing a physical and visible barrier against intrusion from squatters, vandals and thieves. Using a range of thicknesses the timber will be cut onsite to ensure an accurate fit and secured to the property using anti-tamper screws thus making entry close to impossible for the unprepared criminal.

For short term security needs timber is hard to beat; it’s affordable, can be installed very quickly and is available for hire or purchase. However for properties that require a longer lasting security solution steel screens provide a good alternative and the added benefit of arson protection. Galvanized steel also has a much longer shelf life and can be expected to stand the test of time.

Regardless of your particular usage Safe Site Security Solutions will be able to provide you with a quick and efficient service for your Ipswich based property. With a dedicated team of installation experts and a process which sees all materials cut and fitted onsite to ensure no gaps are left to pry open by would be criminals Safe Site Security Solutions boast a range of industry leading accreditations.

For more on our timber boarding up services in and around Ipswich and to receive your free no-obligation quote please do get in touch on 0845 346 0305. Alternatively you can request a callback using the form in the sidebar.

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