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An all-seeing eye is key for property protection

Crime rates in the United Kingdom have been on the rise, with a seven percent increase in 2022 compared to pre-pandemic levels.

This amounts to a total of 6.5 million crimes.

This upward trend raises concerns for construction companies.

They are vulnerable to theft of expensive equipment and materials commonly found on building sites.

To address this issue, SafeSite Security Solutions recognise the practical benefits of CCTV in reducing crime in the construction industry.

We offer exceptional video security products and services and provide continuous surveillance to protect your valuable property.

Deterrence through visible surveillance

The presence of video cameras acts as a deterrent for potential criminals.

It’s difficult to quantify the exact extent of this since criminals rarely admit to being deterred by CCTV. Nonetheless, it stands to reason the visibility of cameras discourages criminal activity.

Research conducted by the College of Policing indicates areas with CCTV experience a 13 percent reduction in overall crime, compared to areas without. This translates to 13 crimes prevented out of every 100 potential incidents. Thus, this provides significant relief for companies spared the costs and distress associated with assaults on people and property.

Furthermore, a 2018 paper from the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) suggests improved lighting, coupled with CCTV, serves as an effective crime prevention measure.

A security operator running a remote monitoring centre

Insurance cost reduction

Property insurance premiums are on the rise, influenced by various factors such as property size, location, and previous crime history.

Installing effective and comprehensive CCTV can help lower insurance premiums.

Many insurance companies offer discounts for properties equipped with this security measure.

When selecting an insurance provider, it is crucial to choose one that offers this discount and carefully review the policy’s requirements concerning equipment and its deployment.

The consequences of theft

Recent statistics from Allianz Cornhill reveal theft costs the construction sector a staggering £800 million annually.

Considering the already increasing costs for vehicles, equipment, and fuel in the building sector, the additional financial loss resulting from theft is burdensome.

With today’s technology, specialised equipment can be worth hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Visible CCTV, combined with robust perimeter fencing, acts as a powerful deterrent against thieves who target expensive equipment.

Crucial for prosecution

The primary purpose of video surveillance is to prevent criminal acts. CCTV footage can play a pivotal role in court proceedings. In the event of any criminal convictions brought before the courts, CCTV can serve as damning and conclusive evidence in a case.

In fact, the provision of such compelling evidence often leaves suspects with little option but to plead guilty.

Therefore, you can avoid protracted court cases and increase the likelihood of victim compensation.

Cameras can capture other problematic incidents, such as anti-social behavior near or on your property.

This therefore enables the identification of individuals involved and facilitating remedies.

Why choose SafeSite Security Solutions?

Compared to the ongoing expenses associated with deploying security officers, our CCTV solutions provide a more cost-effective option. In the event of an alarm trigger, our alarm supervision staff will promptly alert you and, if necessary, contact the police.

Our portable video units are easily movable, allowing for flexible placement based on changing risk perceptions.  With high-definition video and wireless operation, our CCTV systems enable remote monitoring, providing peace of mind.

Additionally, we offer a dedicated security hub option to further enhances the supervision of your property.

To learn more about how our security products and services can give you peace of mind, please contact us for a tailored solution and keep criminals at bay.

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