How Is The Surveillance Camera Industry Regulated?

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CCTV is an effective security measure – acting as both a deterrent and a way of securing vital video evidence in the event of an intrusion. If designed and installed correctly, CCTV can also help to protect your property, workforce and the public from harm. There are, however, strict privacy laws that govern the use of video surveillance systems. In this article we take a look at some of the standards for surveillance systems and how its use is governed….

New Data Reveals The Nation’s Home Security Habits

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In October 2019 we launched an online home security assessment, to mark the start of National Home Security Month, and to help homeowners protect their properties. The assessment, which was backed by former burglar turned security specialist Michael Fraser, contained a series of 12 ‘quiz’ questions for homeowners about their home security, testing how vulnerable their property may be to burglary. In January this year we carried out an analysis of the responses provided by almost 250 homeowners, for an…

How To Prevent Germs From Spreading – COVID-19 Coronavirus Deep Cleaning

COVID-19 Conronavirus cleaning and clearance

End of tenancy cleaning has now taken on a new meaning with the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the globe. If you are a landlord or property owner then gaining the confidence of your tenants and demonstrating that you are proactively protecting their health is vital. The BBC has reported that professional cleaning firms are busier than ever as more cases of Coronavirus are being reported, with doctor’s surgeries, offices and schools seeking deep cleaning services following patients, employees, teachers and pupils…

Choosing The Right Security Solution For Your Vacant Property

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A property that is left unoccupied for any period of time is vulnerable to degradation, intrusion and vandalism. Fortunately, there are many ways to keep a vacant property safe and secure – from live-in guardians, to security guards, remote monitoring, fencing and boarding up. Here, we summarise some of the pros and cons of these vacant property security methods to help you choose the right solution for your requirements. What is a property guardian? Commercial and public sector property owners…

Take our Online Home Security Assessment

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According to official crime figures (1) there were 422,870 burglaries carried out in the UK last year. The financial implications of being burgled are clear but perhaps, less obviously, burglary can have a profound effect on victims who often describe it as ‘robbery’ or an ‘invasion’ of their home – expressions that relate to the deep personal impact that burglary can have on someone who experiences it. SafeSite Security Solutions has launched an online home security assessment comprising a series…

Fire Safety At Your Property – The Law and Prevention Measures

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Fire safety can be too easy to overlook despite the fact that the risks associated with fire safety negligence may be fatal. The Grenfell Tower fire in June 2017 resulted in 72 deaths. This tragic event highlighted the importance of fire safety – particularly through comprehensive risk assessments and by mitigating risks. . The attitudes and practices around fire safety by social landlords have, not surprisingly, been in the spotlight since the fire at Grenfell Tower and many are taking…

SafeSite Security Solutions Partners With The NFU To Provide Security Benefits

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The National Farmers Union (NFU) is the most successful representation body for agriculture and horticulture in England and Wales, giving British farmers a voice and helping to create a stable and sustainable future for its members. SafeSite Security Solutions is proud to be an official NFU CCTV supplier, offering its +55,000 members a 10% discount on CCTV products and installation services. Research carried out by NFU Mutual has revealed that the cost of crime in the countryside is at its…

How To Protect Your Property From Metal Theft

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The challenges faced in the UK due to metal theft are becoming increasingly significant. It severely impacts the power, transport and telecommunication sectors, as well as affecting national heritage sites, churches and vacant properties. According to figures from the Home Office, at its peak, metal theft was estimated to cost the economy £220 million per year. In addition, the theft of copper cabling from the railway network in one year alone is estimated to have cost £16 million – not…

Protecting a Vacant Property with Insurance as a Landlord

Protecting a Vacant Property with Insurance as a Landlord

There are many scenarios that may lead to a landlord having a vacant property. But how do you protect a home when you don’t live there? We explore the steps that a landlord should take to protect their investment if it does become empty. Landlords can often find themselves with a vacant property. For instance, their tenants could be on holiday for a long period of time, or they could be in between tenants, or suffering a void period. The…

Intruder False Alarms And How To Prevent Them

Intruder False Alarms And How To Prevent Them

Security alarms are a helpful deterrent to ward off potential intruders but, although these clever bits of kits may be helping to fend off con artists, they can be known to be ‘trigger happy’ over what constitutes a break-in. Here we outline the most common reasons for false alarms and how you can prevent them from happening. When animals set off your alarm Research carried out by consumer watchdog Which? has revealed 30% of false burglar alarms are triggered by…