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Dead body removal – compassionate cleaning and restoring property after a death

It’s a very sad reality that sometimes people die in their homes, and their bodies aren’t discovered for some time. This is a tragic and distressing situation, but it requires immediate action. Once the body is removed, there is the matter of cleaning up the property, which understandably can be an unnerving and overwhelming task for some.

This is where SafeSite Security Solutions comes in. We provide a specialised service that addresses the specific needs of cleaning a property after removing a dead body. Our professional, experienced team approaches the task with sensitivity, care, and respect. We’re usually called to lend our expertise in these scenarios by local authorities, but we can provide it for anyone who needs it.

Assess and assure

When called to a property, our priority is to thoroughly assess the situation before beginning any cleaning work. During this assessment, we evaluate a range of factors to determine the most effective approach to cleaning.

One of the first things we evaluate is the size of the premises. Naturally, this helps us to determine how many team members we will need to clean the place efficiently and effectively. We also consider the layout and any features impacting the cleaning process, such as difficult-to-access areas. By carefully assessing the size and layout of the property, we can determine the most efficient way to clean it whilst ensuring that we do not miss any areas.

Our specialists determine what cleaning techniques and equipment will be required to do the job to a high standard. We also take into account any potential hazards that may be present on the property, such as broken glass or other sharp objects, to ensure that our team members can work safely and effectively.

Once we have evaluated the size of the property and the level of contamination or infestation, we can estimate how long it will take to clean it. This assessment allows us to provide an accurate estimate to the family or other parties involved so that they can plan accordingly.

Dead body disposal

Cleaning with care

The next step is to address any infestations or contamination. We ensure appropriate chemicals and personal protective equipment are used by those doing this vital task.

Signs of infestation or bacteria-ridden assets, such as mattresses, bedding, or furniture, will be removed. We also ensure that any hazardous waste is disposed of appropriately, following strict regulations to ensure no environmental or public health risk.

We use professional equipment and techniques to ensure the property is cleaned to the highest standards. This work may include steam cleaning carpets and upholstery, using a high-pressure washer for outdoor areas, and disinfecting surfaces to eliminate any bacteria or viruses. We’ll see residual odours removed through airing and fumigation, making the property habitable.

Our team is fully licensed and certified, with each member holding a CSE (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) licence. Everyone involved in this specialist work has a CSE licence, an essential qualification for any professional working in the cleaning industry. It demonstrates that the individual has received training on safely handling and using hazardous substances.

Our teams attend regular refinishers courses and take part in Continuing Professional Development to guarantee such demanding work is addressed by the best in the business. Should any member need to speak about the emotional impact of this work, our policy is that no one should hide their feelings. Managers are trained to listen and show compassion.

Their wishes are number-one

We work with the family of the deceased, if relevant, to determine what they wish to keep. We understand that personal belongings hold sentimental value and take great care to handle them with sensitivity and respect.

Our colleagues understand that all items to be kept are safely packed and secured for the family to collect at their convenience. We also ensure that any items to be discarded are taken to environmentally positive waste facilities where possible.

The sensitive and often distressing task of cleaning a property after removing a dead body requires a professional and experienced approach. SafeSite Security Solutions provides a specialised service that addresses the situation’s specific needs.

Steve Charles, Account Manager at SafeSite Security Solutions, says:

“It’s got to be about the family first. We make sure loved ones are on board with what we’re doing. We diligently check what must be removed and what must be kept. It’s an essential job and a privilege to do because we know we’re honouring the space where someone lived.

“Although it brings us sorrow knowing that someone has died, the idea that someone else might have a happy life in that space keeps us going.”

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