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Government funds free sites for housing

The UK government has launched a new funding initiative called the Brownfield Land Release Fund (BLFR).

This is to support the development of new homes on under-utilised post-industrial brownfield land.

Due to the anticipated increase in building activity, SafeSite Security Solutions cater for effective construction site protection.

The BLFR consists of a £65 million capital grant program, with £25 million designated for self and custom-build housing projects.

This funding aims to facilitate the release of local authority-owned brownfield land for housing development.

In previous years, the BLFR provided £45 million capital funding to over 70 council-led project. This has subsequently resulted in the creation of more than 7,000 new homes.

How BLFR can help

The construction of new homes is a key role in the government’s plan to “level up” growth and development.

The Brownfield Land Release Fund addresses viability issues associated with brownfield land. This may have previously hindered housing development due to factors such as derelict buildings, underground infrastructure, or contamination.

Councils can finance various activities through this funding from BLFR.

These include site leveling, groundworks, demolition, remediation and small-scale infrastructure provision.

Highway works and environmental constraints can also benefit from additional income. The BLFR can also help to create serviced self and custom-build plots. The necessary infrastructure is already in place to support individual homebuilding projects.

SafeSite Security Solutions offers a range of site security services tailored to brownfield site renovation and development.

These include manned guarding, CCTV monitoring, alarm response, mobile patrols, and secure storage solutions.

Our site clearance and cleaning services are crucial for preparing brownfield sites. We can help to remove  waste, graffiti, and hazardous materials.

All these, of course, pose substantial risks to visitors and construction workers.

SafeSite Security Solutions

In addition, SafeSite Security Solutions provides access control solutions to regulate entry to brownfield sites during both remedial work and subsequent construction phases.

These solutions can be customized based on clients’ specific requirements, encompassing options such as keyless entry systems and biometric access controls.

We  also offers perimeter security solutions like fencing, barriers, and bollards to prevent unauthorized access to the sites during renovation.

Michael Knibbs, Managing Director at SafeSite Security Solutions, welcomes the government’s investment in brownfield land redevelopment.

He emphasised the importance of site security for worker and community safety.

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive security solutions aligning with the funding initiative, ultimately contributing to the construction of affordable homes and job creation.

For more information about SafeSite Security Solutions and their services, individuals and organisations can reach out to us and explore their tailored security solutions for both the public and private sectors.

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