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Helping hoarders get their lives back

How can we help?

When hoarders or their family members contact us, we are grateful they have chosen us to assist them in taking the first steps toward a healthier, happier life.

Our colleagues have seen numerous cases of houses crammed with all types of unnecessary junk. It usually consists of items the owner no longer requires or never needed in the first place. Whatever causes this perplexing illness, one thing is certain: it must be cleaned up and done so with respect for the occupant.

We understand how distressing hoarder clean-up can be for both the persons and families affected. It is a task that must be completed with regard for the occupant, something our caring teams are taught through extensive training. Professional hoarder specialists prioritise the health of the person above all else.

A proper evaluation

We work with families and, when necessary, health visitors to determine what needs to be removed. You might think it’s simple to identify what should be bagged and binned, but there could be a family heirloom or treasured item among the junk.

Our team works hard to determine exactly what should be removed. We don’t want to leave people with nothing at all; that hardly helps them get their lives together.

Right away, we assess the presence of any toxic chemicals, biological waste, or insects. These materials must be handled with extreme caution, in case we or the occupant end up in hospital with an infection or disease.

The occupants can be stressed by the situation. Despite being an unsanitary habit, the items around them may serve as a psychological anchor to some form of comfort. We’ll talk to them before we start, to make sure they understand what’s going on.

Thorough cleaning

We work hard, sometimes over several days, to clean up the mess that has built up. There have been reports of people amassing more books than they can read in a lifetime, some of which have missing pages or are soiled beyond repair.

We go to great measures as hoarding professionals in the UK to guarantee that the job is executed in a respectful and understanding way. Our hoarding experts work directly with individuals suffering from these problems to give help and feedback throughout the clearing process.

SafeSite Security Solutions offers full-service cleaning, moving, unwanted item collection, and garbage and rubbish disposal. We carefully clean the whole property and make it habitable again. We have access to sharps removal services, including needles, glass, and other potentially hazardous materials.

When the job is over, the difference can be transformative. People who suffer from hoarding can sometimes see this fresh, clean environment as just what they need as a springboard towards stability. When we get phone calls thanking us for our help, we are again reminded that there’s always a human being at the centre of situations like these.

Secure and thorough

The SafeSite Security Solutions team is professional and well-trained; we won’t be wearing hoodies and jeans in these potentially hazardous situations. We have full protective equipment, including masks and overalls, to keep our employees safe.

Our clean-up equipment includes powerful vacuum cleaners and spray washers that do a thorough job. We also have access to all of the resources required to combat a pest or insect infestation thanks to the assistance of reputable contractors.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable

We ensure  all waste is recycled whenever possible. When we conduct hoarding deep cleans, we make sure the occupant is aware of our sustainability procedures, which can provide some extra peace of mind in these stressful situations.

A sensitive job, done right

Nobody wants to be judged or made to feel self-conscious about a problem like hoarding. So, why entrust such an important process to people who lack experience and empathy? There’s a reason SafeSite Security is a leading hoarding cleaning company: we do it right and treat individuals with respect.

Learn how you or a family member can get the deep cleaning required to support a new, fresh start. Contact SafeSite Security Solutions today and look forward to respect, professionalism, and a clean living environment.

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