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How to keep tabs on your empty abode

Effective management of vacant property

A significant number of properties across Britain are vacant, with an estimated 250,000 buildings lying dormant. Therefore, given the serious security threats to vacant properties, protecting them is a critical concern for councils and landlords.

Effective vacant property protection has never been more cost-effective or achievable. SafeSite Security Solutions ensures the continued protection of over 14,000 premises across the nation.

In many cases the installation job can be done in a day, therefore providing peace of mind at an affordable rate.

Why secure vacant property?

Vandalism and theft

Unoccupied properties are prime targets for criminal damage, theft, graffiti and arson. Vandalism and smashed windows are sure signs a building is empty, abandoned and in a state of disrepair. Left unaddressed, these issues become compounded by further crime that threatens otherwise viable property.

If a building falls into decay, restoring or selling it becomes increasingly problematic. Insurance costs can also rise when a building is vacant, unless precautions are taken.

Squatters and arson

Then there’s the risk of squatting, which is illegal in residential buildings – empty or otherwise. The lack of essential security for a property makes it an appealing new home for squatters. Many encroachers cause damage to the buildings they live in.

If squatters occupy a commercial unit, you can thus expect to jump through a lot of bureaucratic and legal hoops to have them removed.

Furthermore, there’s the threat of fire. Vacant buildings are far more likely to be attacked by arson than inhabited premises, and the result can be the complete loss of the building. It begs the question, is forgoing proper security really a wise idea?

Do something about it

SafeSite Security Solutions offers a comprehensive bank of products and services to keep your vacant property safe from these common threats.


When we arrive at a vacant property that needs security, we undertake a fire, health and safety risk assessment so we know what measures are necessary for total protection.

While designing a protection plan that’s robust against intrusion and damage, we also make certain that should anyone ever enter the building, there is a viable means of escape.


It’s imperative the premises be cleared of any leftover contents. Particularly in the case of toxic chemicals, needles and sharps, and even human waste. Our teams know the presence of dangerous toxins is a real health hazard and abandoned combustibles only help a fire spread.

We offer a nationwide site property cleaning service to ensure your property is safe, clean and tidy before it’s boarded up. We have a full array of weaponry at our disposal.

Doors and windows secured

Regular doors cannot prevent a determined burglar or a gang of squatters looking to seize entry. SafeSite Security Solutions fits steel protective doors that deliver durable and solid defence to empty premises.

Our high quality steel doors are engineered to minimise vandalism yet allow convenient entry for approved visitors.

However, whilst traditional doors can be exchanged for heavy-duty steel doors, windows represent an immediate entry route and must be protected too.

Our rigid security screens are manufactured to enable quick installation on site. Furthermore, these  fire-resistant steel screens can be custom cut to match the exact size and shape of any window and are attached with tamper proof fixings.

Concrete barriers

When it comes to blocking vehicular access to your premises, our industry-approved concrete barriers should be considered. Concrete security barriers represent one of the most reliable, robust and safe methods. They provide a significant physical barrier that stops unwanted visitors entering premises and sites.

Each unit can be up to three metres in length and weigh over two tonnes. Thus they are virtually impossible for would-be trespassers to dislodge. In addition to providing a physical barrier, you can advertise your company by having us put your logo and colours on each block.

Vacant property monitored alarm

A vacant property monitoring alarm offers round-the-clock asset security. Whatever the time, day or night, when a monitored alarm is triggered, action can be taken immediately to notify the owner and the police.

An alarm system helps you preserve the value of a vacant building. It can also ensure you meet the demands of your insurance contract. The presence of alarm equipment also serves as a visible warning, safeguarding your investment against break-ins and vandals.

CCTV Watching Property

Monitored CCTV

Vacant property monitored CCTV delivers a continual visual check of empty premises or sites to keep them safe and secure. This does pretty much the same job as the monitored alarm except people can see the reason for activation. That visual monitoring element is sure to reduce the number of false alarms. The hub can see what’s going on at your site.

CCTV is an affordable and visible deterrent for those who’d find a human resource presence simply too expensive. As soon as the alarm goes off, you will be told by a dedicated monitoring hub and they’ll make sure the police know if necessary.

We’re across the country

SafeSite Security Solutions provides all of these services across the whole of the UK. As a leading expert in security for vacant properties, why trust anyone else with your precious assets? Put your valuable equity in the hands of those who know how to keep it safe.

Achieve the peace of mind you deserve. Contact SafeSite Security Solutions today for a no-obligation chat about how we can protect your property.

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