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Keeping property and public safe during high profile events

Gearing up for a busy summer

In celebration of a moment fit for a King, there will be over 3,000 street parties across the country this weekend. With festival season and summer on the way, it’s a busy time for the UK events industry.

The Coronation will see road closures, traffic restrictions and thousands of people lining the streets of London and beyond. It stands to reason an event of this size and stature will require expert security measures.

In September, over 10,000 portable toilets and road safety barriers were deployed for the masses paying respects to the Queen. It was a Herculean operation, the likes of which have never before been seen on these shores. The Notting Hill carnival will be held in August as over 2 million festival goers parade through the streets of Kensington.

More than a thousand people are expected to march in protest of the monarchy during Saturday’s investiture. Although the risk is relatively low, the threat of trouble hanging over  occasions such as these cannot be ruled out.


SafeSite Security Solutions has all the answers to keep both public and property alike safe from strife during high profile happenings. Here, we look at the factors involved and how we can help you here at SafeSite HQ.

How to keep safe at your event

Risk assessment: Carry out a thorough risk assessment before the event to identify potential security threats, including terrorism and criminal activity. The risk assessment should also take into account the location, size, and nature of the event. Our expert team can carry out site assessments for no additional cost or obligation at your convenience and fully tailored to your needs. So contact us today and speak to our highly trained and professional team to assist in planning you event and for your peace of mind

Crowd management: To ensure the safety of both the attendees and the property, crowd management is critical. This involves managing the flow of people in and out of the event, identifying potential choke points and bottlenecks, and clear emergency exits. Crowd control barriers are used at events to keep spectators safe and ensure everyone has a good time. They may also be used to create security checkpoints and to avoid queue-jumping and keep law and order.

What you can do

Security personnel

Ensure both quantity and quality for security arrangements at your event, including police, private firms and security services. Our own SIA-trained, vetted and approved guards can be deployed as a strong and visual deterrent to protect events. The personnel should be trained to handle potential threats and emergencies, including crowd control, bomb threats, and medical emergencies. Operating in tandem with the police and local authorities, we have a swift local management resource structure to ensure a quick resolution for any issues.

Perimeter security

To prevent unauthorised access, the perimeter of the event should be secured. This may include the use of barriers, fencing, and security checkpoints.  Effective site perimeter protection requires a comprehensive approach that considers all possible entry points, as well as the surrounding environment. It may also involve regular maintenance and updates to security measures to ensure they remain effective over time.
SafeSite Security Solutions and our partners at SafeSite Facilities have a wide range of products to cater for your event. These range from secure fencing and concrete barriers to toilet hire and site clearance. Our event products prevent unwanted vehicular access and interference from protestors and criminals whilst ensuring comfort and security for attendees. Our temporary Heras fencing is lightweight, quick and easy to install, providing security and protection on building sites, premises and events.


Reliable and dependable security around the perimeter of your property or event site is vital. We can provide a failsafe presence at your event to deter would-be intruders and troublemakers. 24-hour surveillance camera and alarm systems can also provide evidence if a break-in does occur. Our control centre monitors and reacts to the footage and can deploy the police on site within minutes if needed. You can also integrate sensors in our cameras to enhance your level of security.

Site clearance and clean up

After the event or festival is over, you are inevitability left to deal with a massive mess left behind by a huge crowd of attendees. The site clearance process is important for a number of reasons. First, it ensures the area is left clean and safe for public use.  Second, it helps to protect the environment by ensuring any waste is properly disposed of or recycled. Finally, it can help to minimise costs for event organizers by avoiding fines for littering or damage to the site. Our expert team thrive on restoring event and festival sites to their original condition from food waste to broken glass. We are well equipped with all the tools and PPE to ensure safety and sanitisation on site.

By taking these steps, event organisers and security personnel can help ensure the safety of attendees and property during high-profile events.  Our team of professional cleaners will ensure even the last shred of waste is properly removed and ethically disposed of. So call us today for all your event management and clearance needs. You won’t be disappointed!

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