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New anti-traveller powers restore law and order

SafeSite Security Solutions have become essential in the wake of new government legislation. New police powers allow travellers to be banned from illegally re-entering land or property for a year.

Tougher measures for law breakers

Under the expanded interpretation of harm, local police can now take more forceful measures when community members. Additionally, illegal residents can cause problems aplenty for landlords and tenants alike. This has led to increased demand for our specialist services. These range from supplying security guards, specialist cleaners, and security experts to facilitating the eviction process and anti- intrusions.

It’s the law: property owners have the power to evict trespassers. These legal changes make it easier to do so, to the benefit of communities frustrated by illegal land occupation.

SafeSite’s stance

The advantages of working with a security and clean-up company are clear, says Michael Knibbs, Managing Director of SafeSite Security Solutions: “We are your ideal solution to help with sensitive requires requiring competence and empathy. We appreciate the value of evicting travellers in a way that upholds their dignity.
“The presence of illicit settlements poses significant health and safety hazards to communities and the environment. Therefore, it is crucial to have a professional team equipped to address these challenges safely and effectively.

However, our team of professional experts understand the frustration caused by the litter and waste left behind on people’s land. Thus, we deploy our superior resources to remove and safely dispose of waste, including hazardous materials. Our expert teams follow strict protocols and employ the right equipment to ensure a thorough and precise clean-up.

When it comes to preventing such incidents, SafeSite Security Solutions can help! We provide:

Therefore we are the best option when it comes to ways of deterring unwanted visitors.

Putting the eye in bye bye

To maintain continuous monitoring of the land and promptly alert the authorities about any encroachments, landowners may consider implementing CCTV systems.

Portable CCTV are the best options to resolve any issues with illegal travellers and subsequence evictions. These can be easily moved and provide round the clock monitoring until the eviction is cleared.

SafeSite offers perimeter CCTV linked to an Alarm Receiving Centre, enabling trained personnel to notify owners and the police of any suspicious activity.

For assistance with evictions, clean-ups, and the installation of security measures, SafeSite Security Solutions is a trusted professional partner.

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