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New laws implemented to tackle rural crime

New legislation is currently progressing through parliament about the problem of equipment theft on construction sites. Industry experts SafeSite Security Solutions highlight the significance of robust site perimeter protection in light of this legislation.

The Equipment Theft (Prevention) Bill, once enacted, will target the theft and illegal resale of equipment and tools used by various industries, including tradespeople and agricultural businesses. The bill grants the Secretary of State the authority to establish regulations that restrict the sale of certain equipment unless specific requirements are met.

A padlock on a farmhouse door preventing break ins

Under the proposed regulations, equipment may need to be equipped with a device preventing it from being driven and marked with a unique identifier. These requirements will apply to mechanically propelled vehicles with an engine capacity of at least 250 cubic centimeters, with more than two wheels or tracks. Additionally, other equipment primarily used in agricultural or commercial activities will also be affected.

The bill also allows for the recording of information regarding the sale of designated equipment, including the buyer’s contact details, equipment make and model, and purchase date. The precise details and implementation of these regulations, including potential fines for non-compliance, will be outlined in statutory instruments, offering flexibility for adjustments and updates as needed.

Theft prevention

Secondary legislation provides tailored solutions to address the diverse security needs of construction sites. These account for the unique circumstances and characteristics of different projects, rather than adopting a one-size-fits-all approach.

The new legislation is a response to the rising number of thefts occurring on construction sites across the country. A survey by the Chartered Institute of Building revealed 92% of construction companies experienced direct impacts from petty crime. Twenty one percent reported weekly site robberies.

Construction theft and vandalism have resulted in an annual cost of approximately £800 million in recent years, with over £100 million worth of tools stolen nationwide over the past two years. Prior to this legislation, there was no specific law targeting construction site theft, and existing laws inadequately addressed the unique challenges faced by these sites.

While the new legislation is a positive step, construction site managers should also consider professional security options to protect their sites. SafeSite Security Solutions emphasizes the importance of reputable companies that offer site perimeter protection. Without these essential security measures, construction sites will remain vulnerable to crime, irrespective of the law.

SafeSite Security Solutions is equipped to assist businesses in implementing necessary security measures to prevent construction site theft. With their extensive industry experience, they provide a range of services and products designed to protect construction sites and deter criminals.

What we can do 

The company offers physical barriers such as concrete security barriers and heavy-duty security bollards made from high-quality galvanized steel. These bollards, powder-coated for added strength and resistance, are effective in securing restricted areas. There is also the option to be cast into concrete, or bolted down for enhanced stability.

Additionally, SafeSite provides vacant property 24/7 alarm systems and CCTV monitored by trained staff. These battery-operated systems do not require a telephone line or electrical supply, making them suitable for properties with terminated services. In the event of an alarm trigger or suspicious activity captured by the CCTV, the response centre alerts the keyholder and local police if necessary, offering a cost-effective alternative to security guards.

As construction site theft remains a pressing issue, the new legislation aims to improve site security and protect valuable assets. In tandem with providers like SafeSite Security Solutions, you can ensure you’re well prepared for any forthcoming legislation.

For personalized assistance in safeguarding your construction site, contact the safety specialists at SafeSite Security Solutions to develop a customized plan that meets your specific requirements.

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