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No messing around: Let us clean up what’s left behind

Cleaning up the aftermath

Instances of landlords discovering their rental properties in deplorable conditions are not uncommon.

All too often, abodes can become filled with rubbish, faeces, and rotting food.

One example is Lee Locking, who returned to his rental property after five years to find a nightmarish mess left by his previous tenant.

This unfortunate incident highlights the challenges and difficulties many landlords have to deal with.

The condition in which tenants leave a property can range from merely cluttered to a scene not out of place on A Life of Grime. 

The latter resembled the devastation Mr Locking encountered.

In such cases, not only do landlords have to deal with an immense mess, but they also face significant health risks.

Piles of rubbish can conceal sharp objects, drug-related items, and even human waste. This makes it hazardous and nearly impossible to rent or sell the property again.

This is where SafeSite Security Solutions come in. We are dedicated professionals specialising in site clearance and offer comprehensive cleaning services for all types of properties.

Our promise

We handle all forms of waste, including hazardous materials and garden waste, ensuring a safe and thorough clearance of all unwanted items.

We also ensure your property is cleaned efficiently and responsibly. In turn, this reduces any potential health risks associated with the remaining waste. The discovery of human or animal waste by landlords is not only repulsive, but also poses serious health hazards.

Bodily waste can harbor pathogens and contaminants. If not properly managed, this can lead to the transmission of infectious diseases. SafeSite Security Solutions specialise in the safe handling and disposal of human waste. We also work to mitigate the risks of disease transmission.

This expertise helps transform the property into a safe and habitable environment, protecting both the landlord and future occupants.

Another potential danger to address is sharps – objects or devices with sharp points that can cut or pierce the skin – often discarded by drug users.

We can safely and effectively remove these sharps, reducing the risk of injury or disease transmission, which can be caused by diseases like Hepatitis and HIV. Hazardous waste poses another challenge for landlords. This is especially commonplace where illegal drug manufacturing may have taken place.

Without proper management, unchecked chemicals, pesticides, oil, and other toxic waste can contaminate the entire property.

The release of these hazardous substances can pose health risks to nearby properties and lead to legal penalties if waste disposal regulations are disregarded.

The not so secret garden

Landlords also need to consider the state of the garden.

What may seem like harmless garden waste can become a problem if  left unattended. Overgrown vegetation not only gives the impression of an abandoned property but also attracts trespassers, vandals, and thieves. Unchecked garden waste can provide cover and shelter for vermin, increasing the risk of infestations and property damage.

Regular garden waste clearance and proper maintenance are necessary to maintain the overall appeal and value of the property, prevent disputes with neighbours or local authorities, and ensure a pleasant living environment.

When a tenant leaves a property in a state of severe disarray, it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to the aftermath of dealing with the issue.

However, they don’t have to face these challenges alone. Let us take the strain to offer expert assistance in clearing all forms of waste, relieving stress and preparing the property for future tenants or buyers.

By seeking professional help, landlords can save time and effort. We can help to ensure the task is completed professionally and safely. Rest assured health risks associated with the mess left behind are effectively addressed. SafeSite Security Solutions can provide time and expert help to clear up more than just a mess left behind.

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