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Professionals must always be enlisted for the safe removal of syringes

Professional syringe removal, also known as sharps disposal, is of utmost importance as the country continues to face the issue of discarded syringes and other sharp objects in various settings. Abandoned and unsecured buildings pose hazards such as vandalism, squatting, and providing a sheltered place for drug use. However, clearing out such premises carries its own risks.

Fortunately, there are trained and expert teams available to ensure the safe collection and disposal of these hazardous items. Despite the availability of professional help, there are still instances where individuals attempt to remove these dangerous items themselves.

If you come across a used syringe, it is crucial to follow the guidelines provided by the UK Government. It is advised syringes should never be touched if found. Instead, members of the public should contact their local authority, which either handles the task or outsources it to specialists.

It is important to remember not to hide the syringe, put yourself or others at risk, separate the needle from the syringe, put the cap back on the needle, touch the needle or syringe, or dispose of the item in a dustbin, down the drain, toilet, or litter bin. While it may be tempting to handle the situation immediately, there is a risk of infections that can lead to severe diseases. When a needle pierces or punctures the skin, it can spread pathogens that cause transmissible diseases, including blood-borne viruses like hepatitis B, hepatitis C, or HIV. This risk applies to all hypodermic syringes, whether used for illegal substances or legitimate prescribed drugs.

Your initial response should be to contact the council, as advised. You can find information on how to access your local council for sharps removal guidelines. Keep in mind that the information on sharps removal may vary from council to council. However, for free, no-obligation advice, you can also contact experts like SafeSite Security Solutions.

Here’s what you can do when you come across a syringe:

  1. Mark the location in some way to warn others to stay away.
  2. Report the syringe to the appropriate authorities.
  3. Seek medical attention if you accidentally get pricked or cut by the sharp object.

It is not only hypodermic needles that pose a risk of disease transmission. The term “sharps” encompasses various medical supplies such as dental scrapers, broken glass from equipment, and other medical tools, all of which can harbor disease. The Health and Safety Executive advises individuals employed in refuse removal and waste management industries to be aware of the hazards posed by sharps.

Therefore, it is essential for everyone to understand the dangers and utilize professional handling services to avoid injury and disease. The NHS website provides further information on handling sharps.

When it comes to the responsible handling and removal of sharps, it is critical to prevent potential harm and comply with hazardous waste legislation. Sharps removal services involve the identification and clearance of potentially hazardous objects from commercial or domestic properties.

Removing sharps is a task best left to the experts. Clearance specialists are highly trained in locating and securely disposing of sharps and needles. They are also fully licensed to dispose of these items at the appropriate waste facility.

Community collaboration is crucial in identifying and addressing the nature and incidence of sharps debris that requires removal. This enables the delivery of a customized approach for each situation. Teams like SafeSite Security Solutions understand the significant risks sharps pose to public safety and handle such waste with clinical-grade care. They ensure proper and prompt disposal. Additionally, they can provide advice on perimeter protection, CCTV, and surveillance to safeguard your site from antisocial behavior or intruders.

Gabriella Pemberton, an experienced professional from SafeSite Security Solutions, emphasizes the dangers associated with these items and why it is essential to use a professional sharps removal service:

“Our company has cleared syringes and other sharp objects from all kinds of places for years, and we have become very acquainted with how it should be done professionally and legally. Often these items are left on abandoned property where drug users could find a sheltered place to use drugs, often leaving items like syringes behind them where others might innocently stumble upon them.

“But it’s also known that people report needles simply lying discarded in public streets, where children might innocently pick them up, risking infection and injury. It’s imperative we avoid such situations but doing the job yourself might cause more harm than good, however well-intentioned people are.

Sharps disposal is a hazardous operation that takes a skilled team to do. If you make only one wrong step in the process, you could end up with an illness. Rather than gambling with your health, reach out to a recognised, professional service like SafeSite Security Solutions.”

For more information on how you can call on experts to resolve this important concern, please contact us. 

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