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SafeSite muck in for World Cleanup Day

What is World Cleanup Day?

World Cleanup Day unites millions of volunteers, governments and environmental organisations in 197 countries and territories. The idea: to tackle the globally mismanaged waste crisis on the way to creating a better and more sustainable world.

This year, it took place on Saturday 16 September.

The logo for World Cleanup Day 2023

We all have a shared responsibility to ensure the future and sustainability of our world and all within it. Remember the three ‘R’s – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – in daily life to minimize waste and conserve resources. Also consider action like limiting single use plastics, reducing water usage, and cutting carbon emissions. These things might seem only little steps to take but together the bigger picture could prove decisive.

Taking responsibility for the planet is a collective effort involving individuals, communities, businesses and powers-that-be working together to address environmental challenges. By adopting the practices outlined above, we can help to protect and preserve the Earth’s natural resources for future generations.

The aim of World Cleanup Day is to raise awareness about the growing problem of waste and pollution in our environment. This includes plastic pollution and to encourage individuals and communities to take action to address these issues.
Volunteers participate in cleanup activities in locations such as beaches, parks, streets, and forests to collect rubbish and debris.

World Cleanup Day was first organized in Estonia in 2008 and has since grown into the worldwide initiative it is today.

The idea is a simple one: as the name suggests, volunteers from across the globe grab bags, gloves and pickers and head out into the community to clear the local area.

Caring for our planet

This duty of care does not simply extend to daily life outside the home. Whether you own a home, rent an apartment, manage a business, or oversee public spaces, here are some key aspects of property management:

  • Regular maintenance: to prevent leaks, structural damage and broken fixtures.
  • Environmental responsibility: Consider eco-friendly practices such as energy efficient appliances, sustainable building materials, and reducing energy and water consumption.
  • Cleanliness: Keep your property clean and free of little. Properly dispose of litter and recycling. Regularly clean indoor and outdoor spaces to ensure hygiene and good levels of tidiness.
  • Safety measures: Ensure your property complies with safety regulations. Install smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguishers, and other safety devices as needed. Keep pathways clear of hazards to prevent accidents like trips and slips.

Site clearance and cleaning

This is where we come in.

As well as doing our bit to help cleanse the planet, our expert teams are on hand to fulfill their day-to-day roles. Our team at SafeSite Security Solutions specialise in cleaning and clearing of sites left in a mess from squatters or vandals. A simple yet effective way of reducing some of the risks associated with vacant property.
No job is too big or small for us – if your empty property or garden is unkempt and in need of looking as good as new, then contact our site team today. We offer comprehensive services to clean up graffiti, remove human waste and garden rubbish as well as sharps and fly tipping removal. We can help home and landowners to do their bit for the environment by providing a professional service in which safety and efficiency is our main priority.

SafeSite Security Solutions also offer many other property and security resolutions like security screens, CCTV, perimeter protection barriers and bollards and guard services.

So contact a member of our sales team here for all your security and clearance needs.

People in high vis jackets liter picking on the streets

SafeSite staff have done our bit by hitting the local streets of Littlehampton and the surrounding area for a litter pick. Several of our staff supported our initiative, and it was great to see such enthusiasm for an important cause.


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