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Security guards and CCTV: Pros and cons

The importance of perimeter fencing cannot be overstated, regardless of the presence of security guards and CCTV.

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There is an ongoing debate about the effectiveness of security cameras versus security guards. However, perimeter fencing is undeniably the best, and first, line of defence. Having security guards provides a sense of security through their physical presence, patrols, and surveillance activities.

In many cases, guards are contracted through specialist security companies.  They can engage with personnel and the public, empowering an overall feeling of safety within a facility. Mobile patrol officers are increasingly popular, especially for companies across multiple locations.

However, it’s important to note the limitations. They are not authorised to detain or search individuals or their property, nor can they use excessive force.

Peace of mind

Nevertheless, their presence alone often acts as a deterrent to potential criminals or trespassers.  Trained guards should be able to handle any situation quickly and calmly when necessary. In addition to security guards, CCTV systems complement perimeter barriers for site protection.

Modern CCTV systems have features like intrusion recognition with automatic alarms and spoken alerts.

These cameras can be operated and monitored remotely, enabling officers to respond promptly to any incident.

Mobile CCTV towers are increasingly favoured, particularly in areas like construction sites where hoardings are breached.

CCTV cameras are particularly effective in low-risk environments where the area can be monitored and events recorded.

Some cameras are monitored live, while others serve as deterrents and provide recorded material for investigations or prosecutions. Compared to security guards, cameras offer a more cost-effective way to deter intruders, alert officers, and gather evidence of crimes.

Deter and detect

A hybrid approach combining security cameras and guards can enhance the overall security system. Cameras help increase the field of vision and incident awareness. With the aid of remote video monitoring systems, security guards can have continuous coverage and proactive deterrence even in absentia.

However, for these security tools to work efficiently, effective physical prevention measures must be in place. This includes the installation of professional perimeter fencing, such as timber hoardings or chain link barriers. Security fences constitute the primary means of protection for a company’s grounds. These serve as a strong deterrent against potential intruders. Anti-climb devices can be added to further enhance the security of the fences.

Sitting on the fence

In summary, perimeter fencing is an essential component of any comprehensive security strategy, regardless of the presence of security guards and CCTV. It serves as the primary defence mechanism, deterring potential intruders and providing a strong physical barrier. While security guards and cameras have their advantages, they are more effective when supported by robust perimeter fencing.

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