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The Benefits of Steel Security Doors

Securing a vacant property effectively against trespassers means ensuring that access points are impenetrable. Whilst many property owners realise that steel security screens can take care of windows and keep easily broken panes under wraps and out of sight, just as many overlook tired doors as an obvious point of entry. As padlocks and bolts can easily be vulnerable to determined intruders with the right tools replacing standard doors with steel doors can also benefit your property.


Steel security door B

Empty homes and commercial premises are always vulnerable and whether additional security is being sought to protect against metal theft, squatters, vandalism or trespassers intent on illegal or anti-social activity, the main benefits offered by our steel doors are the high specification security features:

  • 12 point locking mechanism
  • In-built steel reinforcement
  • Anti-lever hinge bolts
  • Anti-lever frame lip
  • Anti-drill and anti-bump and snap euro lock

With these features making steel security doors almost impenetrable to attempted break-ins, these doors are extremely effective both as a deterrent and a barrier to criminals.

Because commercial and residential properties can differ significantly, steel security doors are offered in a versatile range of sizes as well as produced to custom specifications, to bring security to any size of doorway or entry point.

SafeSite Security Solutions also offer fitting in a range of options to accommodate all types of setting and security needs, such as hinging doors either from the left or right, as well as setting to open either inwards or outwards, for additional flexibility and use of space.

Subtle security for residences at risk

Security Door

But SafeSite Security Solutions steel security doors aren’t just available for the protection of empty properties… vulnerable or security-conscious residences and busy business premises can also benefit from steel construction security doors. SafeSite Security Solutions also offer steel security doors in designs which very closely resemble traditional PVC and wooden doors, yet offer additional security extras such as:

  • Reinforced frames
  • Anti-force bar lips
  • Impact and drill proof locks
  • Reinforced fixing plates

Many styles of contemporary wooden door can be replicated with steel door design, so installing security doors instead of traditional access doors doesn’t mean having to compromise on looks. Additionally, standard door furniture such as letter boxes, door handles and knobs as well as spy holes can be fitted, both to ensure the natural function of a domestic door, but also to uphold the appearance of a residential door.

Looks are of course important, and where homes are concerned, low maintenance products can be particularly time and money-saving in the long run. As such, another advantage of steel is that it is immensely durable as with no wooden parts to deteriorate, can offer doors which retain their looks and are easy to maintain, as well as being weather and break-in resistant. Yet the industrial, robust qualities of our steel doors are hard to spot as a powder-coated finish, available in a range of colours, completes the appearance of a standard domestic door.

Another important benefit of security doors for residential properties is that purchasing steel doors means that there is no compromise on the draught-exclusion benefits of traditional double-glazed doors. Our steel security doors, expertly fitted, can offer both weather and draught-proofing, bringing insulation benefits as well as security to properties.

Fire protection

With custom fitting to eliminate draughts and cracks for smoke to escape through and with steel offering the properties of heat resistance, steel doors also offer significant protection against the spread of fire.

Steel doors which are fully compliant with British Standard 476 Fire Test can offer protection against fire for up to four hours, extra time which can make a real difference in raising the alarm and getting help, another reason for considering steel doors for your vacant, commercial or residential property security.

Before you go

Steel security doors offer the ultimate solution for keeping homes secure when you are out or if you feel vulnerable inside, whilst vacant properties can be fully secured from intruders once it’s time to close up. But whatever the situation, an additional benefit offered by steel security doors from SafeSite Security Solutions is the skilled, professional service that comes with them.

Our expert team can answer any queries and offer advice about the property, security needs and door type anywhere across the UK. We can also advise about maximising your security with a combination of steel window shutters and steel security doors, so wherever you are and whether your property is empty or lived in, if you need to protect it contact SafeSite Security Solutions today.

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