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Tied up in knots: A Japanese problem

Act now to avoid costly weed damage, says industry expert

If you find a Knotweed problem you could face a bill of thousands to sort it out, thanks to the extensive damage invasive weeds can do to infrastructure.

These weeds can be concealed under vegetation and debris, so it’s vital to have trash and undergrowth professionally cleared, says industry expert SafeSite Security Solutions. If sites are left to harbour debris, you might find the notorious Japanese Knotweed, which has been causing havoc in the UK for over a century.

Weeding out the issue

This fast-growing weed can spread to two metres in a single growing season, often taking over gardens and waste land, and displacing native species. Furthermore, its strong root system      can penetrate concrete, tarmac, and drainpipes, severely damaging infrastructure. The problem with Japanese Knotweed is so extensive, national statistics reveal it is present in every six square miles of the country.  It’s estimated there are around 29,500 cases of Knotweed a year in the UK, posing a significant threat to infrastructure, landscaping, and property value. It isn’t only Knotweed that could be lurking under all that debris. A report by CABI highlighted invasive non-native species (INNS) as one of the most significant threats to global biodiversity, second only to habitat loss and destruction.

fallopia japonica can cause thousands of pounds worth of damage if left untreated

The legal bit

When it comes to legal requirements, UK legislation under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 makes it an offence to allow Japanese Knotweed to grow in the wild. Landowners are not under statutory obligation to remove it from their property. But, if they act unreasonably and allow it to cause a nuisance to the community, local authorities and the police can issue a Community Protection Notice to ensure appropriate action.

The presence of invasive plants can significantly reduce property value and make it difficult to sell, as mortgage lenders may refuse to release funds if an invasive weed issue is detected. Homeowners might also face costs for repairs and replacements to damaged infrastructure. Many of these weeds have an extensive root system that exploits existing cracks or weaknesses in a property’s foundation, brickwork, and pipework.

As the plants continue to grow, they further widen these fissures, causing serious damage and costly repairs.

Businesses that don’t keep areas cleared will be ignorant of the issue of Japanese Knotweed and the hidden damage it’s causing. Damage to buildings and infrastructure can lead to increased maintenance and repair costs that some companies, particularly small to medium businesses, might not be able to cover.

How we can help

SafeSite Security Solutions offers a comprehensive solution to tackle the vegetation and debris under which these weeds hide. Our team of experts have the knowledge and experience to remove overgrown plants and rubbish, reducing the risk of regrowth and further damage.

Our partners use the latest techniques and equipment, ensure the plant is effectively removed and provide follow-up services to prevent its return. SafeSite Security Solutions knows  Japanese Knotweed and other species are a costly headache for home and business owners. Without regular management or site clearance, the situation will spiral out of control.

Managing Director at SafeSite Security Solutions, Michael Knibbs, urges property owners to act now:

He said: “Japanese Knotweed and other invasive weeds are a significant problem that requires immediate attention. But you don’t know you’ve got an issue until a site has been cleared of overgrowth and rubbish. We do that clearance work so any professional specialists can tackle this invasive species and protect property from potential damage.                                                       “Why do we continually labour the point on Knotweed? Because there have been times when we’ve turned up to sort out a rubbish issue and cleared it to find awful physical damage that comes at a real financial cost.”

To learn more about how to rid your garden or yard of vegetation and rubbish, contact SafeSite Security Solutions today for a bespoke plan that deals with the problem.

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