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What are the pros and cons of boarding up a vacant property?

If you have a property which you fear will be vandalised, you have several options available to you, one option is boarding up the property.

Boarding vacant properties refers to the practice of ‘sealing’ a property that you cannot, or do not wish to maintain for an extended period. It can be done without causing any damage to the property and can be completed quickly and effectively by the experts. For this reason it’s not only an option adopted by vacant property managers but also householders during large outdoor events such as the Notting Hill Carnival.

Read on for a balanced appraisal of the pros and cons of hoarding vacant properties.

Pros of Boarding Up an Empty Property

  • Security: Boarding up a vacant property can help deter trespassers, vandals, and squatters. The physical barrier created by the boards can make it more difficult for unauthorized individuals to gain access to the property, reducing the risk of theft, vandalism, or illegal occupation.
  • Protection from Natural Elements: Boarding up windows and doors can provide a level of protection against the elements. It can prevent rain, snow, wind, and debris from entering the property, minimizing potential damage to the interior, such as water damage or mould growth.
  • Insurance Compliance: In some cases, insurance policies may require the boarding up of vacant properties to maintain coverage. By fulfilling this requirement, property owners can ensure their insurance remains valid during periods of vacancy.
  • Maintenance and Preservation: Boarding up an empty property can help preserve its structural integrity by preventing further deterioration. It can keep out pests, animals, and insects that may cause damage or infestation. This measure can potentially save on repair and maintenance costs in the long run.

Cons of Boarding Up an Empty Property

  • Aesthetic Impact: Boarding up a property can give it a neglected and unattractive appearance. This may be a concern in neighbourhoods where property values and curb appeal are important. If the property is in a well-maintained area, boarded-up windows and doors may detract from the overall visual appeal of the neighbourhood.
  • Maintenance and Costs: Boarding up a property requires ongoing maintenance to ensure the boards remain secure and intact. Over time, the boards may degrade, become loose, or develop gaps, requiring regular inspections and repairs. Property owners should consider the associated costs and time commitment when deciding whether to board up a property.
  • Perception and Neighbourhood Impact: In some cases, boarded-up properties can have a negative impact on the surrounding neighbourhood. They may be seen as a sign of decline or abandonment, potentially affecting the perception and property values of neighbouring homes.
  • Legal Considerations: Some local councils have regulations and restrictions regarding the boarding up of properties. It’s essential to check local ordinances and obtain the necessary permits before boarding up a vacant property. Failure to comply with local laws can result in fines or legal consequences. Look up the local council relevant to your property here.
  • Potential Delays in Rehabilitation or Sale: If the intention is to rehabilitate or sell the property in the near future, boarding it up may create additional barriers. Prospective buyers or investors may be deterred by the perception of extra work and expenses associated with boarded-up properties.

It’s important to evaluate these pros and cons based on the specific circumstances and goals of the property owner. Consulting with local authorities, neighbours, or real estate professionals can provide further insights and guidance. SafeSite Security Solutions are experts in boarding vacant properties, we can board steel security doors and windows. Timber boarding offers a lower cost more temporary alternative to steel screens.

You may also want to consider adding CCTV surveillance and alarms to your solution. We offer many wireless options which are both mains and battery powered. Click here for more information.

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