Safe Site Security Solutions trained specialists offer a fast response graffiti removal service to rid your home or commercial property of unsightly graffiti swiftly and safely. A plague on modern society, illegal graffiti is not only antisocial but can have a negative impact on an area. When left in place, graffiti often encourages further graffiti, the illegal dumping of rubbish, reduces property prices and increases the fear of crime.

With many graffiti removal companies in the market place, Safe Site Security Solutions strive to offer an efficient service and the most competitive prices around. Our methods range from the use of high and low pressure washers to a specially formulated graffiti remover spray to enable the effective removal from any surface.

Safe Site Security Solutions offer a UK wide cleaning service, able to eradicate graffiti from all common surfaces including brick walls, stone walls, glass, Perspex, wooden or metal surfaces. We have won graffiti removal tenders from UK councils to clean streets, parks and gardens, helping to ensure neighbourhoods remain clean and safe places we can be proud to live in.

We offer a fast response service targeted at the removal of offensive and abusive graffiti that if left can damage both business and lives. We aim to eliminate all graffiti quickly and effectively without causing damage to surfaces, leaving behind no markings or shadows.

Safe Site Security Solutions can offer a range of on-going services to businesses and councils, plus one-off cleaning for any commercial or residential premises. We are the graffiti removal company for whom safety and security are the primary concern. Do not let vandals affect you or your business, call Safe Site Security Solutions today for a professional service.

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Fast and an amazing job
Date Published: 08/05/2019

I hate Graffiti its one of my bug bears in life. Its messy, vulgar and untidy, it really grinds me. So when I arrived at our offices to find 50% of the building covered after bank holiday weekend I was less than pleased. I did try and scrub it off myself, I have a Karcher but it didn’t even come close. A colleague suggested Safesite as they’d recently completed a needle sweep at one of our Vacant properties. I believe I spoke to Rose, she was so helpful and gave me a competitive quote. The team were deployed fast and done an amazing job I cant believe it you wouldn’t even know! Thanks Shane and Larry you were a pleasure to have. Done a fantastic service.

5 / 5 stars
Super quick service
Date Published: 07/10/2019

Surprised it took no time at all to remove the graffiti from outside of the property. It was all over my concrete bollards, flooring and electricity boxes. They removed the ‘artwork’ quicker than anticipated. Impressed!

5 / 5 stars
Average Rating 5 stars - based on 2 reviews

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