Ineffectively secured vacant properties are always at risk from vandals, habitation by squatters or an undisturbed location for drug takers. Site clearance of such premises poses its own risks; at Safe Site Security Solutions we provide a complete site clearance service to include the safe removal and disposal of waste and sharps.

Sharps removal can be carried out safely and effectively by our trained personnel. Drug takers often leave behind an array of needles, syringes and other hazards that present a very real health hazard from highly infectious pathogens such as Hepatitis and HIV which can cause serious and even fatal health problems. Sharps disposal must be carried out with the greatest of care, and all sharps disposed of safely and legally. As a licensed waste carrier we offer a comprehensive sharps disposal service to include sharps bin disposal and syringe and needle clearance.

The actions of vandals and squatters often lead to pools of broken glass within a property, increasing the risk of injury to a site clearance team. Safe Site Security Solutions are skilled in the safe removal of all waste and hazards from all types of property – be it residential, commercial or industrial, to include the safe clearance and disposal of broken glass and other dangerous sharps and hazardous materials.

When it comes to sharps disposal, the task really is best left to the experts. Not only are our clearance teams well trained in how to locate and safely remove any sharps and needles, we are licensed to dispose of all sharps waste. The clearance of sharps is a dangerous business; just one false move could result in life threatening injury. Don’t take the risk, call Safe Site Security Solutions today for a first class sharps removal service.

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