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What are Sitex Security Screens?

Sitex security screens are steel mesh or ‘compression screens’ which are used to ‘seal’ up a property to keep it secure. They are a recognised form of security for properties at risk of break-ins or squatters.

The benefits of steel, or mesh screens

Sitex are a known brand of steel compressions screens which are also known as wire mesh screens or steel mesh screens. There are many benefits to using Sitex, or steel compression screens:

  • Durability: Steel compression screens are highly durable and can withstand harsh environmental conditions, including extreme temperatures, moisture, and chemical exposure. They are corrosion resistent which means that they’re ideally suited to outdoor and industrial applications.
  • Strength: Steel compression screens are made from high-quality steel wire, which provides excellent tensile strength and structural integrity. They can effectively withstand heavy loads and resist impacts, making them ideal for applications that require robust screening solutions.
  • Versatility: Steel compression screens come in various mesh sizes and configurations. 
  • Efficient screening: Steel compression screens provide efficient screening capabilities. 
  • Easy maintenance: Steel compression screens are relatively easy to clean and maintain. 
  • Cost-effective: While steel compression screens can be more expensive than timber alternatives, their durability and long lifespan make them cost-effective in the long run. 
  • High temperature resistance: Steel compression screens can withstand high temperatures without significant deformation or loss of structural integrity. This property makes them suitable for applications that involve heat or thermal processes.
  • Customizability: Steel compression screens can be customized to meet specific application requirements. 

Sitex Security Screens

Why use steel to seal properties?

Steel is a highly sustainable construction material. The perforated nature of the steel sheets means that although vandals or criminals cannot see into the property, light and air can still transfer through, preventing damp or stale odours in the property.

Visible steel screens demonstrate that security measures are in place and that the property is managed. This high strength material, also provides a high grade of resilience against force and fire.

Sitex or steel compression screens are typically applied to the doors and windows of a property, making them virtually impossible to breach without specialist equipment.

Steel doors offer maximum protection with minimal damage. The addition of reinforced steel and lever mortice deadlocks, creates a robust physical barrier intruder.

Installing steel compression screens

What should you use compression screens?

Scenarios where you may choose to install security screens are as follows:

Some landlords or property owners use security screens in addition to other alarms and CCTV solutions. Boarding up properties with steel screens or timber boards is a very effective way to manage a property or residential site. You can deter anti-social behaviour and fly-tippers by installing effective CCTV and surveillance.

To learn more about our steel screen security installs click here, alternatively you can watch this steel screen install video.

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