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Sitex Security Screens Reviewed

Security screens are a robust and highly visible security option for empty properties, but although all types have excellent security features, some options offer a better solution than others across a range of sites and situations. But whether required for the short or longer term, the key to successful property protection is choosing the best security screen for the purpose required…

Common features

SafeSite Sitex Screens - After

All types of security screens, whether solid steel, Sitex or timber, act as a visible and physical deterrent – to trespassers such as squatters and vandals, or opportunists chancing a break-in with the hope of finding valuable metals or resources inside. All SafeSite Security Solutions security screens are fully customisable and can be cut to size to act as a barrier to access points such as doors and windows.

An additional benefit of using security screening to seal access points is that any attempt to break through the barriers will be prolonged and noisy, something which will draw attention to the break-in, providing an extra deterrent and a way of alerting others to any attempts to breach the security.

To further maximise the effectiveness of the screens and minimise the risk to site security, all types of screens can be fitted using anti-tamper screws.

Best fit options

Sitex screens

With all of these benefits being offered by each type of security screen, identifying which features make each type particularly appropriate for different situations requires a closer look and is highly recommended as a way of finding the security screen which is the best fit across a range of security requirements:

  • Timber screens are a quickly fitted go-to solution for temporary access point security to all types of properties. These are fully customisable to fit into areas such as window reveals, making them an ideal option for all kinds of access points, including roof lights. As a temporary solution, timber screens are particularly useful for providing short-term security for properties between lets, as they can be installed over glass, to prevent vandalism and also prevent the inside from being seen from outside. However, timber screens are less robust than steel screens and do not offer the same level of arson resistance. Additionally, the lack of ventilation can mean that if a fire breaks out within the property, there is additional risk of backdraft – one of the reasons that fire brigades may refuse to enter a vacant property with traditional boarding.
  • Solid steel security screens offer excellent prevention from break-ins. Because they are manufactured from solid 1.5mm thick steel, solid screens lock out any light or ventilation as well as intruders. This makes solid screens particularly suited to longer-term security and squatter prevention, because properties without ventilation and natural light are much less appealing as temporary accommodation for squatters. The solid electro zinc-coated steel construction is heavy-duty and is a hardy, tamper-resistant option for the long-term locking up of a residential property or commercial premises, securing against criminal activity and anti-social attacks. Unlike timber screens, steel screens do not offer a fuel source, minimising the risk of ignition from stray sparks or wanton arson attacks.
  • Sitex security screens offer the same highly robust steel construction, but are peppered with a perforated design which enables light and ventilation to come through, but not trespassers. Installing Sitex screens with the advantage of allowing light and ventilation through is particularly useful when there is a need to secure a property or premises which is pending re-rental or sale, as the perforations allow natural light in to facilitate viewings, without the need for screens to be removed for every viewing or survey. The fact that Sitex screens can be fitted with minimal damage to other fixtures also makes them ideal for properties which are pending rental or re-letting. Additionally, unlike other screening, Sitex screens can be fitted to the inside of the windows. This feature makes properties impenetrable and almost impossible to access without specialist equipment. Like solid steel screens, Sitex screens are fully fire resistant, but with the significant difference that the ventilation afforded by the holes in the screens greatly reduces the risk of ‘backdraft’.

Overall, screening can offer one of the most effective ways of securing a property, but a final consideration when searching for the right security screens is that steel Sitex security screens are fully recyclable and also offer additional resistance to tampering, with their innovative anti-crowbar and hacksaw design. This added defence is the final layer in offering a fully-protective barrier to access points and effective security, making Sitex screens the solid security option against criminal activity, tresspass and squatting for any types of vulnerable vacant properties.

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