Protect your vacant business premises / site 24 hours a day with our monitored CCTV systems – avoid the ongoing expense of hiring security guards and ensure you have the evidence you need should anyone attempt to infiltrate your premises.

CCTV cameras are a visible deterrent for most would-be trespassers, but should thieves, vandals, squatters or any other party attempt to access your vacant premises there is no need to worry. SafeSite Security Solutions’ fully trained security staff will monitor your cameras around the clock and call for police backup in the wake of any suspicious activity. You can also log in to your CCTV system remotely, in order to monitor live and past footage from your site yourself.

We can quickly deliver and install our standard, and pan and tilt, CCTV cameras anywhere in the UK (both are available for hire or purchase). Contact us today to discuss your site’s security needs and to receive a free quote.