With visibly superior design features, SafeSite Security Solutions’ Sitex Security Screens create a formidably secure screening which also allow light permeation inside for property checks and facilitate gentle ventilation – a security combination which can benefit both the inside and the outside of your property or premises.

Key features

  • A fully visible deterrent to trespassers
  • Robust steel screen
  • Perforations to allow light and ventilation as required when inside the building
  • Installed from the inside for maximum security and minimum damage installation
  • Arson-resistant
  • Available for hire or purchase anywhere in the UK
  • Can be fitted over doors, windows and other entry points

Superior screen protection

Each Sitex screen is manufactured from heavy duty galvanised steel, which is coated to increase weather resistance and prevent rusting – ideal against the British weather. With an innovative perforated design, Sitex screens are ideal for securing properties which need to be regularly visited for checks or viewings, as they allow natural light through.

Superior security is afforded by a clever anti-crowbar and hacksaw design. Once installed, only specialist equipment can be used to gain entry, completely reducing the risk of trespass from a break-in, whilst the installation of these screens from the inside of the property additionally minimises the chances of unwelcome access being gained from the outside.

With their perforated design and interior installation, Sitex screens from SafeSite Security Solutions are considered the ideal security solution for open entry points, such as broken doorways and windows.

Reduce risk from fire

Although timber screens offer many security solutions, Sitex security screens bring the additional benefits of fire-resistance, particularly desirable if premises are particularly at risk from arson or are being used to store flammable, high-risk substances. This can also help with insurance purposes and protection of fire services, as the perforated ventilation points reduce the risk of back-draft, one of the biggest risks to fire crews when entering a building to tackle a blaze.

Extended environmental benefits

Steel is a highly recyclable material so when the Sitex screens reach the end of their considerable life, they can be fully recycled, so they not only protect your immediate environment in a very literal way, they also protect the environment later on too.


As well as getting the right screen products, the key to successful security is professional installation. Sitex screens can be hired or purchased, cut to fit and installed by the SafeSite Security Solutions team, at any site in the UK. Whether you need an emergency response just for one access point or a long-term solution for several premises (and anything in between) SafeSite Security Solutions will have the expertise to deliver and install the security solution you need, so contact us today on 0845 346 0305 for friendly, expert advice and a free, no-obligation quote.

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