Security products have come a long way in recent years, but this decade and into the next seem set for security products to become smarter than ever before – thanks to the latest SMART technology and digital convenience. So what’s upcoming…?

AI – Robotics

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics are fast becoming part of our homes anyway – from HIVE-type home electronics and utilities management, to Google and Amazon products which many of us have integrated into our homes as a means of managing our domestic and entertainment worlds.

But the technology behind artificial intelligence is not only here to help, it’s also here to protect and secure…

  • What: recent innovations include Kuri the Robot Nanny and Nimbo the security ‘bot. Kuri is currently being offered by Mayfield Robotics to the US domestic market whilst US-based technology giants Turing have designed Nimbo to offer a surprising range of appeal to both business and domestic property owners.

Kuri robot security camera

  • How: although very different in their designs, both of these robotic products are mobile, can establish and track their own routes, and have integrated security surveillance camera and recording capabilities.
    Essentially, both are roving security cameras – and then some. Nimbo uses Segway technology to enable it to manage fairly rough ground, whilst Kuri’s movement is more aligned with Roomba-type hoovers, using laser sensors to help map routes and familiarise with layouts. With both robots being relatively small, access to narrow passageways is possible, allowing hidden areas to be monitored for trespass or to follow up from other security such as CCTV, for intruders who think they are hiding out of sight.
  • Why: both robots can enhance security by offering surveillance and remote monitoring through mobilising to investigate areas of concern. Nimbo can also deliver audio-visual warnings to trespassers and even be used for security personnel to ‘hop on’ for a lift.

Home Alone – or not?

Remember that scene in Home Alone, where Kevin sets up automated and manual systems so that it appears (from the outside at least) that the otherwise-empty home is a hub of light, life, and laughter? Well although the film itself is now 28 years old, the idea has been brought bang up to date through another Kevin

  • What: In 2018, the Kevin who’s home alone to secure your property now takes the shape of a box, which has the appearance, features, and functionality of a good quality speaker. In fact Kevin, from Swiss Tech innovators Mitipi, also doubles as a standard speaker and atmospheric light but also has other, more security-minded modes…

  • How: Kevin can simulate the sounds and lights that would be generated by someone at home. There are various settings, efficiently managed via an app, which allow the scenarios in the home to change even when no one’s there. Options include (but aren’t limited to):
    • The flickering blue light of a TV screen, with accompanying film sounds;
    • Light displays which give the appearance of human shadows walking around a room;
    • Conversations between persons;
    • The sound of a shower running;
    • Sounds of hoovering.
    • It’s also possible to customise the Kevin app to create scenarios to suit where and how you’re living.
  • Why: The reason Kevin works is exactly the reason the original Kevin came up with the idea, although delivered in a much smarter way: the sounds and lights generated give the appearance of the home being busy and active, as a deterrent to would-be trespassers and intruders. This could also be a good device to help individuals feel more secure and in control when ‘home alone’ themselves.

Lights, camera, action

A security light is a popular deterrent, easily deployed to help a place seem attended to keep burglars and trespassers away. This idea is enhanced by an extremely clever new device – the latest lightbulb from France-based maker Bell and Wyson, which is in fact…

camera lightbulb

  • What: a low-energy light bulb which houses a concealed camera, along with a two-way microphone. Its technical specification uses Wi-Fi to stream images to other smart technology (phones and tablets), for off-site monitoring.
  • How: although visible security devices such as CCTV act as a visible deterrent, they can also become a target for criminals to disable or avoid – they’ll actively seek ways around it. However, because this light bulb appears to be pretty much a light bulb, its full potential is ignored by intruders, allowing it to capture footage useful for prevention, response, evidence and identification purposes.
  • What: this light bulb can be used on walls and ceilings to offer indoor monitoring which enhances outdoor security devices – just in case there’s any breach or by-pass of the outdoor security. Of course, the bulb also offers the ‘lit up’ deterrent of a standard security light.

Lights, camera, action… plus a shout out!

Having really cornered the market with their innovative video doorbells, US-based Ring’s latest innovation for security takes the same concept into a floodlight which includes camera, siren and loud-hailer facility…

Ring motion floodlight camera

  • What: the Ring Motion Floodlight is an outdoor security camera which is integrated with outdoor lighting and includes a 110-decibel siren alarm. The lighting is high specification 3K Lumen LED whilst the camera offers a 270o field of vision, incorporates facial recognition, and full infrared night vision.
  • How: the hardwired camera can be monitored and controlled via Wi-Fi and across smartphone devices including iPhone and Android-based phones. The siren can be switched on by the householder, as a way of deterring unwanted visitors or intruders, with an integrated loudspeaker making it possible to shout out to intruders.
  • What: as well as providing security lighting and camera surveillance with footage playback as a deterrent, the remote audio features of the floodlight system allow property owners to proactively communicate with and warn-off intruders but without putting themselves at risk. The siren can also be set off as an immediate response, security alert and a too-loud-to-ignore audio deterrent.

Finally, whilst these innovative security products are becoming well established or on their way to the mass market, it’s also worth mentioning an upcoming concept set to take property security to new heights, literally…

Currently, in the concept and design stage several technology and communications companies, such as America’s Qualcomm and their state-side contemporaries, are busy designing reconnaissance security drones.

Security drone

Based on the concept of military and emergency-services surveillance drones which are already in use for defence and public safety, the idea is that these business and domestic-market drones could be deployed in conjunction with other security systems. So, if an alarm is tripped the drone could be deployed to check out the situation, whilst relaying the images back to a Smartphone.

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